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“Contact point for pioneers”

In 2016, threedom was launched to prepare the public for the coming desktop 3D printer revolution. threedom manages the balancing act between entertainment/sales guide and the imparting of knowledge at a high level. Every visitor should be able to leave the site a little smarter after their stay on threedom.net.

This is probably why the online newspaper Perspective-Daily calls us“A place to go for pioneers“.

But what does this contact point actually offer you?

On threedom.net, for example, you can find the 3D Printing Guide, which not only answers questions like “What is 3D printing?” or introduces you to the history of 3D printing. You will also learn more about the application areas, 3D printing methods and specific knowledge such as designing your own models with CAD software like Fusion 360 and also browser-based tools like Tinkercad. Do you have problems with the adhesion of the print to the print bed? You will also find some tips for this in the guide.

In addition, threedom also goes into depth on the topic of 3D printer filament. You will learn everything from production to possible applications of the different varieties to sources of supply, which are also used by threedom. So if you want to buy 3D printer filament, then you are also here as the first port of call at the right address.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the activity in the field of 3D printer templates. Not only will you love the listing of almost all vendors, but also the continuous showing of possible print objects. The databases are great, but at some point you lose the overview. threedom is happy to help out, of course.

Who is writing here?

3D Pens – The start of the 3D printing career

As 3D printing itself becomes better known, so does the age range at which a person might want to try their first steps in the field. We are written to by readers aged over 80 who have bought a 3D printer, but also by parents of children who want to give their children a start in the world of layers.

The first step here does not necessarily have to be your own 3D printer. In the early days, every beginner will first print many models and find that it does not always work on the principle of unpacking-switching-printing. This is because printers of this type are usually still too expensive. In addition, the interplay between heat-material speed must be understood here as well. Only then can printouts already be optimized before the printer starts.

3D printing pens are best suited for this purpose. With initial costs at around €30, almost everyone is in. In our opinion, kids learn the interaction of the three points playfully and quickly. Is your child interested in 3D printing? Then you might want to think about buying a 3D printing pen first.

3D Stift kaufen

If you are going to buy, then buy right

The purchase of a 3D printer should depend only on the price. Especially if you want to buy a 3D printer kit for the first time, you should pay attention to some points to not immediately lose the desire for 3D printing itself.

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Please use the dedicated page“Advertise on threedom.net” to contact me for business proposals.

How much does a 3D printer cost?

A blanket answer to this question is not possible. It depends on a variety of factors, such as the 3D printing process used. Cheap FDM 3D printer kits are available nowadays starting at about 100 €. These get better over time and are now suitable as 3D printers for do-it-yourself – with a few compromises – even for beginners.

3D printers, which tend to be in the higher price segment, do not need to be set up and are suitable not only for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and prosumers, but also for large companies and private users with high demands for consistent print quality. Ultimaker 3, for example, are priced from around 3500€ and offer increased process reliability as well as other features such as support from the manufacturer or their distributors in Germany.

Stereolithography 3D printers can be found in the price segment from 3600€ rather, while in the neighboring DLP process(Digital Light Processing) nowadays first 3D printers also already around the 200€ incl. Shipping cost and also provide good results.

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I hope you enjoy the site and have fun with your 3D printer!

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