Game of Thrones 3D Models: Over, but not finished

Meanwhile, do you know as little about the series as Jon Snow?

Then these 3D models will certainly help you on your way:

The iron throne

The most coveted object of the series also looks very imposing on the shelf in the living room.

Drogon Egg

The dragons of House Targaryen are the epitome of power. Without them, the conquest of the Seven Kingdoms would not be an issue at all. Actually, dragons had died out centuries ago, but Danerey's Targaryen was given three fossilized dragon eggs as a wedding present. And as fate would have it, the eggs hatched after the use of magic and helped Khalesi become the most powerful woman in the seven kingdoms.

Hodor doorstop

A great and useful feature is the Hodor doorstop. The inspiration of the design comes from Game of Thrones and that's why we included it in this post. As you can see in the picture, the warrior bravely blocks the door to keep the attackers out. Even the axe next to his head will not deter you. Fittingly, on the side of the wedge, the lettering “Hold the Door” really rounds out this object in a great way.

Hodor Doorstop (Single)

For those who prefer a simple doorstop, we have this one:

The crown of Joffrey Baratheon

Joffrey did not really live long as a king. Basically, he was just a means to an end for his mother. She held the strings tightly in the background and manipulated Joffrey to fulfill her lust for power. But one thing is certain, the crown embodies a lot of power and also looks great on the shelf.

The Starks Shadow Wolves

Wolves have always fascinated us humans. Even more fascinating are the Starks' direwolves. We have provided a print model of these mystical shadow wolves for you here. You can print them in any size and number and enrich your GoT collection.

The seal of the House Stark

The seal is important. It shows which royal family you belong to and are loyal to. We have compiled here for you the seals of all families. For your Got exhibition you can of course print out all 7 seals at once. Each seal shows the corresponding heraldic animal and the name of the family.

White Walker (White Walkers)

The great danger for the Seven Kingdoms are the White Walkers. They are dead and are brought to life and commanded by the Night King. A problem for the warriors of the Seven Kingdoms, because as soon as one of their ranks dies, he becomes an enemy. A hopeless battle with a supposedly superior opponent? Of course, the white walkers must not be missing in the GoT collection.

Iron throne as business card holder

A cool gadget is the business card holder as an iron throne. This way, your business cards are guaranteed to attract attention.

The Night King (The Night King)

The Night King is the supreme leader and the first of the White Walkers to exist since the age of the first humans. Besides, he is also the master of wights. He commands the White Walkers at his will and leads them into battle against the Seven Kingdoms. Of course, he should not be missing in your GoT collection as a leader next to the White Walkers.

Hound Head Helmet

Jon Snow – bust

The main character, bastard and a hero of the series is Jon Snow from Stark. With the help of his direwolf, he survives numerous adventures and wins many battles. His destiny is marked by confrontations of all kinds and one challenge after another. The main character should not be missing in your collection either!

The hand of the king – badge

Whoever wears this badge is very powerful. He is the hand, forerunner and advisor of the King of the Seven Kingdoms. He is an important decision-maker and can achieve a great deal in the struggle to retain power. Whom do you appoint to be the king's hand? Get the print template and determine your hand.

Jamie Lanister's golden hand

In a very painful struggle, Jamie Lanister lost his hand. For him, that was no reason to give up; after all, he is a Lanister. So he got the hand forged of gold to continue fighting for the interests of the Lanisters.

Wildlings mask

Beyond the great wall live the wildlings. Untamed and dangerous, they pose a constant threat to the Seven Kingdoms. The night watch ensures that the wildlings cannot cross the wall and thus for the security in the seven kingdoms. With this mask you are sure to be an attraction at the next Helloween party.

Tyrion Lanister

Small but mighty, that's Tyrion Lanister. He is very farsighted and wise and guides the fortunes of his queen very well. However, he also makes many mistakes that he gradually regrets. In the end…No Spoilers 🙂

The House of Arynn

One of the most powerful houses in Westeros. House Arynn is the Guardian of the East and always plays a very important role in the series. So, of course, we did not want to deprive you of the seal of this house. ES belongs like all other models definitely in every good GoT collection.