10 gift ideas from the 3D printer

After I published the post quasi for the environment of a 3D printing enthusiast with“10 gift ideas for 3D printing enthusiasts“, this is the logical consequence here.

As someone with 3D printers, I am always able to make custom gifts sometimes quickly and sometimes with lead time.

Most of the time, you know the preferences of other people and also which colors are more likely to be considered and which are not. This already gives you and me very important information. How often does it happen that you find something nice, but the color doesn't match, for example, or the person has a name that you don't necessarily find in pre-made gifts?

It will look something like this later:

Montezuma needs a 3D printer

So, I don't really want to have to mess with Montezuma….

Luckily, you can avert that by using your 3D printer as a gift machine.

To inspire you a little, I have created a small list. I would love to see submissions if you were inspired 🙂

Gift Idea: Cookie Cutter – All Time Favorite

Custom cookie cutters are actually always popular. I think that a cookie cutter really makes an impression as a gift when the cookies made with it are also brought directly 🙂

Please keep in mind that depending on the source material used, cookie cutters should not be used forever for hygienic reasons. However, you can offer the recipient to print this cutter again and again. They can be reprinted relatively quickly.

Christmas Sock Cookie Cutter
Christmas Sock Cookie Cutter (Source: OogiMe/thingiverse.com)


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Gift idea: personalized keychain

This is exactly the kind of thing you do to dissuade your buddy named Montezuma from his revenge plans.

You can use any name here and also print with different colors.

As known from thingiverse, customization is again possible via the browser.

Let's see if that was possible for our buddy:

Even in the colors of the Mexican flag 😉

Gift for Montezuma from 3D printer


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Gift idea: Multifunctional kitchen utensil

As we know, 3D printers are not only for printing colorful Pikachus, but also for printing practical things for everyday life. This wheel Reindeer is such a thing.

It can be used to hold one or more wine bottles in place or to close bread bags, for example.

Even if it is a reindeer, this gift is suitable not only in the winter months.

3D printer gift idea for wine lovers
Gift idea from the 3D printer for wine lovers and co. (Source: SebastianKerner/thingiverse.com)


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Gift idea: Lift OFF!

A rocket at launch.

What invites more to dream? So, in my opinion, this gift should actually rock everyone.

Launching rocket as a gift idea from 3D printer
Launching rocket from the 3D printer (Source: Xonor13/MyMinifactory.com)


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Gift idea: vases

As a 3D printing enthusiast, you've sort of “grown up” with a wide variety of vases. They are usually relatively quick to print and in many cases look very nice. If you use transparent material, the whole thing will be all the better. If you know the preferences of the person receiving the gift, you can easily conjure up great gifts.

Vases as a gift idea from the 3D printer
Beautiful vases as a gift idea (Source: jaln/thingiverse.com)


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Gift idea: Lithophane – Very welcome

I already mentioned lithophanes in my post on “3D Printing and Weddings”. You have a photo and have it converted by an appropriate converter so that, for example, darker areas on the photo are displayed higher in 3D than lighter areas. This creates a relief. When illuminated from behind by LED or even just in front of a window, you can see the image.

Lithophane as a gift idea from 3D printer
Lithophanes with lights create a great ambience (Source: MakeALot/thingiverse.com)


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Gift idea: Mini Monster Truck

At various events, this mini monster truck likes to cause a stir. Kids especially love this thing. After all, it can be played with and does not break immediately. The truck is really nicely laid out and allows you to print each component in a different color, once again encouraging the “want to have” effect in kids.

Mini Monster Truck as a gift idea from 3D printer
Mini Monster Truck (Source: jakejake/thingiverse.com)


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Gift idea: Christmas lettering

I can not get past it and do not want it 🙂

With this writing you can make other people very happy. Besides all the other standard decorative items, such a lettering is simply a little change.

Christmas lettering as a gift idea from the 3D printer
Merry Christmas! (Source: tone001/thingiverse.com)


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Gift idea: 3D printed ukulele

Are there musicians in your family or circle of friends? Then the 3D printed ukulele is sure to be a hit. Unfortunately my guitar skills are not enough to play ukulele, but who doesn't remember Stefan Raab running behind many professionals singing and playing ukulele back then? If you ever do something like that, let me know 😀

Ukulele from 3D printer as a gift idea
Ukulele from 3D printer (Source: Solstie/thingiverse.com)


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Gift idea: The hairy Einstein

If you know a big science or Einstein fan, this gift is perfect. Based on the Hairy Lion, Albert Einstein with his infamous hairstyle was modeled here. After printing, you can still comb his beautiful hair to customize the style.

Albert Einstein with hair as a gift idea from 3D printer
Albert Einstein – Only Original with Crazy Hair (Source: Print That Thing/MyMiniFactory.com)


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Do you have any other ideas for this post? The number will certainly not remain at 10!

Have fun printing 🙂