Halloween is coming – Here are free 3D print models!

At the end of October, all sorts of spooky creatures take over our daily lives. Ghosts, demons, witches and of course Jack-o-Lantern, the famous pumpkin, are making their way into homes and front yards. The end of October is Halloween time – and with it the perfect opportunity to use a 3D printer for all kinds of spooky decorations.

Thingiverse and Myminifactory, the platforms for sharing 3D printed models and templates, of course have a lot of Halloween-themed templates ready. Are you looking for the perfect decoration for the next Halloween party? Then you shouldn't miss the following 3D print templates!

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Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin Bowl

Jack O Lantern
Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin Bowl (Image source: paulorfo/thingiverse)

Who does not know him, the hollowed pumpkin with carved grimace? The custom dates back to an ancient tradition of Irish immigrants who first brought it to the United States. The light that shines in the hollowed pumpkin refers to the grave lights that are placed at All Souls' Day.

The Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin bowl at Thingiverse is in no way inferior to its “real” model in terms of appearance. Candy bar in and the kids can ring the doorbell!

Halloween Lithophane

Halloween Lithophane
Halloween Lithophane (Image source: jpasqua/thingiverse)

Lithophane refers to a relief representation in translucent material, which unfolds its effect only in backlight. Thin plastics are ideal for lithophane – a case for the 3D printer!

The “Halloween Lithophane” provided on Thingiverse shows a gathering of well-known fairy tale and mythical creatures in front of an impressive “blood moon”. For perfect illumination, the printed image only needs to be placed in front of a light source – and the eerie party decoration is ready.

Spirit Always Belongs

Ghost - Ghost - Spooky and Funny
The spirit of ghela is coming for us! But first it must be printed 😉 (Image source: ghela/thingiverse)
What can't be missing on Halloween besides demons, zombies and witches? That's right: a proper haunting by ghosts! Ok, the little ghost offered here at Thingiverse probably won't cause any fright, but is all the more cuddly in the process.
Hidden under the well-known bed sheet with large eye cutouts, the little ghost is waiting to move into your home.

Skull from one cast (easy to print)

Skull from Taran3D
You can't go wrong on Halloween with this easy-to-print skull (Image source: taran3d/thingiverse)
Probably no other symbol is so closely associated with death, doom and the finiteness of life as the skull. Logically, such a skull should not be missing from the Thingiverse templates for Halloween. Even though the skull is not reproduced 100% anatomically correct here, this print inspires with its abundance of details. A real gem – not only for Halloween!

Low poly skull for hardcore 3D printing Halloween fans

Low poly skull from slavikk
If you want it to be even more “3D printable”, then this low poly skull is particularly suitable (image source: slavikk/thingiverse)
Another skull is offered by user slavikk at Thingiverse. This skull gets by with only a few polygons, is therefore visually much more reduced than its counterpart “Skull” – but no less decorative! The small skull makes a particularly good addition to Halloween arrangements, but the Low Poly Skull is also an appealing freestanding addition to any Halloween decoration.

Halloween pumpkin spider transformer

Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer
Pumpkin? Spider? – Spider? Pumpkin? – Both! Transformer. Print immediately! (image source: megawillbot/thingiverse)
3D models can be quite surprising – especially if they are equipped with a small mechanics. With the Halloween Pumpkin Spider Transformer, the surprise is already in the name – because what looks like a standard pumpkin at first glance, turns out to be a nasty creepy spider at second glance. In this 3D model, the individual elements of pumpkin skin and spider interior are connected by ball joints – an absolute eye-catcher!

Halloween Crow (Can also be used as a scarecrow)

Halloween Crow - Halloween Crow
Halloween Crow – Not only something for Halloween! (image source: danman/thingiverse)
In European culture, the crow is considered a mediator between the world of the dead and the world of the living. A particularly impressive example can be found at Thingiverse. The crow offered here consists of a total of four parts and is 45 centimeters long and just under 20 centimeters high when assembled. Painted black and equipped with red LED eyes, the Halloween Crow makes a perfect decoration in the front yard, on the terrace and, of course, extremely well as a spooky guest at any party.

Demons baby Halloween joke for pregnant woman

Halloween demons baby
I wonder what will come out of it? – Get out of here fast! (image source: taikonaught/thingiverse)
Imagine you're at a social party, meet a pregnant acquaintance there, have a nice chat and are about to give a nice compliment about the baby bump – and then your eyes fall on the outline of a face and two hands pushing through the abdominal wall.
A frightening sight? Probably true – and that's exactly what this print template aims to do. All you need for the spooky look is a tight T-shirt, a 3D printer – and, of course, the appropriate baby bump.
To the men: beer belly also goes 😀

Skeleton Cookie Cutter (Creepy and Delicious)

Halloween Cookie Cutter Skeleton
Skeleton as a cookie makes the Halloween party a success! Gaaaaay for sure! If not, send us the cookies 🙂 (image source: 3dwork/thingiverse)
Baking cookies at Christmas is time-honored tradition. But did you know that thanks to 3D printing, you can now bake Halloween themed cookies? The print template offered at Thingiverse consists of an outer shell and a molded skeleton, which in the dough subsequently creates the negative mold. A really cool idea!

“Happy Halloween” sign

Happy Halloween sign
Happy Halloween sign with all the Halloween pipapo (image source: ronny van breda /myminifactory)
At myminifactory, a print template is offered that becomes an eye-catcher, especially with the right lighting. On a spider's web together with matching inhabitant is the lettering “Happy Halloween”. Illuminated from below by LED strip light, this template will welcome your guests to the party in style.

Creepy castle silhouette

Halloween scary castle silhouette
With this silhouette you can print the printer first “warm” – Fast and easy printing! (image source: ronny van breda /myminifactory)
Old castles and palaces house all kinds of entities from the interworld. Of course, the silhouette of such a creepy castle can not be missing at the next Halloween party! The print template offered at myminifactory is reduced to the essentials – and therefore works especially well as a background decoration or in combination with other self-printed decorative objects.

Day of the Dead ring (Very detailed!)

Halloween - ring for the day of the dead
The Day of the Dead and Halloween go well together. So why not print such a ring on Halloween? (image source: trullu jean baptiste/myminifactory)
A Halloween costume always impresses exactly when it is coordinated down to the smallest detail. And that brings us directly to the topic, because the “Ring for the Day of the Dead” is the perfect addition to any Halloween costume. The filigree designed ring shows a small skull and looks different depending on the filament used. Demonic in red, deadly in black or ghostly in delicate white.
If you have an SLA or SLS printer, you can certainly print the ring to near perfection.