3D printer ideas for kids

If the printouts from the print list become more and more colorful and cute, you are having or have already had offspring.

In recent years, my printing behavior has changed a lot.

“hmm, that looks sophisticated” turned into “do you want me to print that one for you? It's so cute.”

For the first time, you will also find paid 3D printer templates, as it is now essential for designers to receive money for their models. Most of the time, the models cost a few euros and have so far almost always been printable without errors. (Here I get no commission – recommendation, because I even have fun with it myself).
The free models for children are marked accordingly.

Print-in-Place Flexi Squirrel from 3D Printer

Flexifactory is one of our favorite designers. In any case, there are people who know their trade. These squirrels are so called print-in-place prints, where you start the 3D printer and at the end you get an object, which can be used directly like this.

For about 2,50€ you get 2 versions and can print about a small variant if your 3D printer is not that big.

Print-in-Place Flexi Fox

This fox you get for just under 2.50 € and get here 2 versions:

  • Fox from one cast
  • Fox to glue together, if your printer is too small for the first fox or you just want to print a giant fox.

Money well spent. With a high Infill, the Fox feels valuable. Even in one color it looks good.

Print in place flexi turtle

These flexi turtles from flexifactory are also great fun. The price of about 1.9€ is not high.

Since we also tested the turtles in the tub, I can recommend you to use PETG or ABS as material. I had printed them out of PLA as a test and didn't even think about the fact that the tub would be a good place for the turtles. In the course of a bath, the thin areas become so soft that arms and legs quickly go their own way.

Hungry dino for the desk

Nom, nom, nom…

Depending on the size of your 3D printer, you can fit small pencils or whole Chihuahuas in the dino's belly.

As a birthday gift for children from about 3 years, the dino is super. So at least you always have at least one gift idea for the birthdays in kindergarten. Of course, you should also buy the appropriate filament in advance.

3D printable candy machine (free)

This candy machine consists of 5 printable components and some elements from the household, such as screws or a ballpoint pen.

Mini monster truck with suspension (free of charge)

I don't even know why this monster truck from the printer is at the top:

In 2016 I had already printed it and since then the model is still here and is even played with without breaking. Otherwise, except for the wheels, you can print the whole truck in one piece.

Paw Patrol Logo (free)

I've been told that Paw Patrol is the hot sh…super hit with kids ages 2-5 or so. If you pause your print in the right places, you can also print the logo in color. Alternatively, you would have to adjust the gcode by hand.

Finger dredger (free of charge)

Models for children do not always have to be new and not overly complicated. I chose this finger excavator from 2013 because excavators are just great and children can train their motor skills without realizing it.

Balloon boat with receptacle for clamping bricks (free of charge)

Balloon boats are super in the tub or pool. Inflate, get on the yacht and a boat is already sailing around in the water. Powered by your breath.

This version allows as an upgrade to attach clamp bricks like Lego. So favorite figures can be taken along without any problems.

Lea The Truck (free of charge)

If you don't know Lea The Truck or Leo, you should almost be ashamed of yourself.

On the other hand, if these names mean anything to you, they will certainly be familiar to your child.

Actually, there is not much left to say then, except:

Go ahead, start printing!