3D Printer Templates for Intex & Bestway Pools

Loosely based on Helge Schneider, the motto here is “Summer, sun, Printus”.

Find 3D printer templates for your pool in this article. Since I'm on the Intex team myself(Intex Quadra XTR 26356*) and have already printed some of their models, I've focused on Intex and Bestway pools here. From what I've gathered from observation and conversation, some of the components are nearly identical and can be improved accordingly with 3D printed pool upgrades.

Cup holder for frame pools (bottles also work)

I first noticed this mount during my research and it already ended up on my “print me list”. I had been looking for something like this for a long time, but then found it on Prusa's new portal: printables.com. This Thingiverse alternative still has little choice, especially in the niche topics, but therefore a better clarity.

Bestway pool hooks for frame pools

I always throw my towels on the hoses and pray every time that no one gets caught on them and rips something out. With this it can no longer happen. That's why the hook had to be on the list.

Intex pins for pool frame

When I saw these pins, I thought of an acquaintance who has some sort of hexagon pool from Intex and who has had rows and rows of these pins break off over time. You can buy them on Amazon* or save the money and print as many pins as you want.

Skimmer handle

The handle of the skimmer is still on our pool. The question here, of course, is how long this will last. But should that day come soon, I can call up my own list here, click the button, and use the file on cults3d to make the skimmer fit again. It's nice to have such an almost private list 😉

Pool cover hook for mounting

I didn't realize how corrosive these tabs at the base of the frame pool were until I tried to attach the winter cover: I couldn't tie anything down really well and had to reattach the tarp several times over a few days in a couple of places. With this hook, that shouldn't happen. Can I then use only at the end of the season.

Intex angle for outlet nozzle

The exit nozzle is good, but some manufacturers must have skimped on the last few degrees in their angles. You're here right now because something about your pool still doesn't suit you. I printed the larger of the angles in the photo with PETG and since then less drift material remains on the left side of the pool because the water is now mixed better.

Clear recommendation from me!

Pool Vacuum Skimmer Adapter

When the skimmer is connected and you want to clean the pool with the pool vacuum like here*, you used to have to completely remove the skimmer from the nozzle and then laboriously screw it back on.

With this, I can now simply attach the hand vacuum to the skimmer and I'm done.

I can recommend the model, but at the same time, of course, make sure to use a resistant material such as PETG with a high Infill.

Intex Quadra Frame Pool Brackets

The frame pools like the Quadra do not have round bars. For this reason, some of the really nice 3D printer templates for pools cannot be used. Here, the user faschin worked out a good solution for the bars. He directly created several variants with hooks for towels, etc..

Very cool!

Hose knee protection for Bestway and Intex pools

Some of the Intex and Bestway pools do not have a proper connector with kink protection on the connector, which is why the hoses can kink once. With this bend protection you remedy the situation and can certainly have fun with your pool longer.