Jewelry from the 3D printer

Having had a positive experience with jewelry content on Pinterest for quite some time, I had to sit down and make a list of 3D printer jewelry pieces. Looking through all the 3D printer templates here, I noticed that I actually barely made anything to go with it.

If you like this list here and want to see more, please comment and I'll look for more cool models for bling bling fans 🙂

Honeycomb ring

Honeycomb ring

The honeycomb pattern is actually THE pattern of 3D printing. We know Honeycomb as a kind of Infill and actually can't do without it anymore. Here exfusion has designed a ring that transports the pattern to the outside. If you don't have thick fingers like me, I would rather advise you to use a resin printer to show the fine structure better.

NASA ring

Nasa ring

Houston, we have our own ring!

If you are nerdy, stand by it and don't want to carry your status into the world with just a t-shirt, you need a nice NASA ring. If you don't want to print this ring yourself, you could have it printed out of metal at one of the big service providers like shapeways and have it gold plated. But I can also imagine it in black, without any other color.

What do you mean?

Diamond ring

Diamond ring

“Shine bright like a Diamond-Ring out of yor 3D Printer…”

Very easy and fast to print. That's exactly why this ring is suitable for any parties where you would like to give something to the guests. With this ring, you even have something in your hand, or on your finger, that not every other host of a party can simply replicate if they don't have a 3D printer.

When choosing filament, of course, filament with glitter particles is highly recommended.

Jewelry stand – chain stand

Jewelry stand - chain stand - tree shape

What do you do when you've printed so many rings and other jewelry by now that you don't know where to put them?

Very simple. This question has apparently also makkuro asked himself and designed a jewelry stand in the form of a tree. Here everything finds its place and you have your peace.

Necklace with geometric shapes

Necklace with geometric shapes

Billie Ruben has created a beautiful masterpiece here.

If you look closely, you can see that the individual elements are attached to a kind of grid, thus holding their shape as a group. These were printed on fabric, which just shows again how creative this community of 3D printing enthusiasts has become. The pressure is not as easy as the normal pressure directly on a heating bed, but you should definitely try it.

Feather shape earrings

Feather shape earrings

Besides rings and necklaces, you will of course find earrings in the wildest shapes for download. Here you can see representative of all wild designs earrings in the form of a feather. Print them out in the color you want or even in multiples and wear them with your different outfits.

Beautiful earrings in diamond shape

Beautiful earrings

Geometric shapes are, after all, particularly popular among us 3D printing fans. That is exactly why these earrings are in this listing. If you have a multi-material printer, you can theoretically assign each diamond its own color. Should you do this, I would be very happy to see a cool photo.

You have more suggestions for this list or want to name another topic that I should take a closer look at to list nice models here?

Then please write in the comments!