Playstation – 3D Printers Models

Yes, I admit it. So far I just haven't managed to get my hands on a Playstation 5*🙁

As a Playstation fan from the beginning with games like Ridge Racer and the legendary FIFA destroyer 😀 Adidas Power Soccer, my heart bleeds for this. But as a father, I'm also a bit realistic and know that the PS5 will just hang around next to the PS4, since gaming hardly enjoys a prio anymore.

In this post, I'll introduce you to some Playstation add-ons, but also decorative items as 3D printed templates in case you can't stand waiting for your new PS5.

Have fun with it!

3D model of Playstation 5 Standard Edition

Playstation 5 Controller Stand

Headphone holder for PS5

Playstation icons as bookends

Playstation logo as decoration

Mini Sony Playstation 1

Playstation Controller Stand for almost all PS Dual Shocks

Playstation 5 controller holder on the console

Playstation Icons Lamp

Playstation VR Stand (PSVR)

Dual Shock 4 Controller – Mini Steering Wheel