3D Printable Robots and Robot Arms

As a kid, I always dreamed of owning a robot like on the Jetsons. This one, by the way, was called Rosie and could handle quite a bit around the house. My robot vacuum cleaner, classically named James, gave me a sort of Jetsons feel in 2017, but it's not a robot in the arms-and-legs sense either. Since then, I've been on the lookout for robots and robotic arms that I can print and use as a friend around the house.

Here is a collection from my 3D printer templates top list “Robots”.

Mini robot arm

Modular toy robot arm

WE-R2.4 6-axis robot arm

Running dinosaur robot

SMARS Modular Robot

3D Printable Rubik's Cube Robot

InMoov robot hand

Self balancing Arduino robot