Vases 3D Printing Models

In this post, I'll introduce you to some vases that you can download as 3D printer templates. The material could be multicolor filament for a silky sheen and color effects.

Tetrahex Ripple Vase

Please take a look at the structure. Tetrahex Ripple is what the designer calls his vase and even I find it difficult to describe this pattern in more detail. However, this is particularly suitable for multicolor filament.

Glitch Planter

Another pattern that is a little harder to describe, but why there are photos? This one really says more than 1000 words. If you want to download and 3D print this vase, you should not forget to print the corresponding base plate as well.

Voronoi vase

The mixture of the smooth lower half and the upper Voronoi half is just right in the color combination from the picture. Normally, of course, Voronoi pressure objects are not usable as a vessel, but here it is possible in this combo. If you want to learn more about Voronoi, old Georgy Feodosyevich Voronoi and his ideas, go to Wikipedia.

Stone pattern vase

A vase with a stone pattern looks especially good in gray or beige, because this imitates the effect of real stones.

Zigzag vase

Bitch Bitch Bitch Hoi Hoi Hoi

District league C teams before the match

Another particularly beautiful vase you can find here. I'm a sucker for patterns like this, whether on vases or other vessels. The designer Slimprint has uploaded his model on Printables and if you like it too, leave some love 🙂

Giroid vase

With silk filament, you can print this shapely Giroid vase and the layers won't be visible until the third glance when your guests are 10 inches in front of the vase with their faces.

Faceted vase

Spiral vase

You might be surprised, but these models have been around since 2014 and have each been downloaded just under 500,000 times per model(!). This shows how well timeless design can work, even in our fast-paced field, if the designer puts in the effort and shows all his skills.

Curved honeycomb vase

Eggnot has designed a beautiful vase here that you can download and 3d print on thingiverse. After all, as a 3D printing enthusiast, you have a special connection to honeycomb because of the Infill you see and feel in the mold almost every day.

Julia vase

Vase with twisted hearts

This vase came back to me while looking through thingiverse. In 2014 around, my brother and I had of course printed many objects with our Ultimaker 2 to show off the printer's capabilities and this vase was one of them.

Low poly vase

As a low poly fan, this vase caught my eye right away and I had to include it here. If you use multicolor filament when printing, this model looks especially good because from every perspective the low-poly effect quickly stands out.

Pill vase

You'll probably wonder why I'm writing the following now and this model is just down here.

So, designer Antonin Nosek is one of my favorite designers in the field of vases. He always brings particularly beautiful patterns on vases, creating models that you won't find everywhere. This and the next model are down here because the best just has to come last.

Polygon vase

For a while, I also printed this model of Antonin as a test object. In my room is a variant of about 30 cm high since time immemorial and occasionally houses small stuffed animals. When I printed these test objects, they were always gone so quickly that I couldn't photograph them at all. What does not one do everything for the family 🙂

Vase #715 – Funny name, beautiful shape

While “scrolling through the area” I noticed this unusual shape of a vase. You might think this is part of a church like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or something similar. I've added it directly to my list and hope we can help the designer push this 3D printable vase.