3D Printing Guide – Layer by layer to the professional


On this page, we list all of our 3D printing guide articles, which you can visit in order or just for reference, as you wish. To give you a better overview, we have categorized the advisor. Have fun reading!

3D Printing Basics

3D Printing Guide

In this section we present all the links to the topics on threedom that you need to have a good start in the 3D printing world and get started right away with a lot of knowledge.

What is 3D printing?

Not sure what 3D printing is yet and want to get an overview first? Then a click on this link is recommended. You'll learn not only what 3D printing is, but also what printing processes are available, the advantages and disadvantages of the technology itself, and much more.

Recommended for the start into the world of layers!

3D printing process

You don't just want to know the printing processes superficially, but really understand them and know the advantages as well as disadvantages and use them in your everyday life? This post and the detailed procedure descriptions linked in it will help you do that.

If not, you may complain.

Application areas of 3D printing

The potential applications of 3D printing start in classic prototyping and extend to logistics and the fashion industry. In this article, you can select the different application areas and delve deeper into the respective industry or field.

The history of 3D printing

You already know a little more and now you want to learn how 3D printing has evolved over the last 150 years (yes!)? Then this article is certainly something for you. In fact, several stages of the story are described, where, among other things, it is also about a murderer.

More exciting than expected? Then take a look!

3D Printing Glossary

As someone who wants to talk to others about 3D printing, it would certainly be beneficial if you know at least the basic terms a little bit by name. For this purpose, threedom's 3D printing glossary is suitable with many explanations and also illustrations that will provide you with the knowledge that will take you further.

3D Printer Material

3D Printing Guide - Material

As the name suggests, this is about the different materials in 3D printing. You will not only learn what filament is and how it is made, but also which material is suitable for which application.

3D Printer Filament

In this article you will get to know the topic “filament” holistically. You'll get an overview of what different types of filament are on the market. This will take you to the more detailed descriptions of the various starting materials, after which you should actually know everything there is to know.

What is PETG?

PET means something to you, but PETG doesn't? Then check out this post with valuable tips on the 3D printer material. After that you know all about it!

What is ABS?

Our Lego bricks are made of this material, which is why ABS is suitable for projects that have to “withstand a bit more”. But what exactly is ABS? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? This article will answer these questions and more.

What is PLA?

PLA is THE material of 3D printing. Everyone knows it. Everyone has printed it. It offers beginners an easy start, but is also perhaps a bit underrated in itself. Read the article and learn more about PLA.

3D Printer Software

3D Printing Guide - Software

In this category you will learn everything about software in 3D printing. Of course, you can't start 3D printing without a way to translate files from the 3D model to the 3D printer. Don't worry. Here you will learn almost everything.

3D Printer Software

This page gives you an overview of common programs that you will need as a 3D printing enthusiast. You can find out if your favorite software is in there by taking a look.

3D Printer Slicer

This article brings you closer to the world of slicers. After reading this, you will know what a slicer is and works. You will also get to know the most popular slicers.

Autodesk Fusion 360

If you'd like to try your hand at turning your own ideas into reality, you won't be able to avoid software like Autodesk Fusion 360. This professional software only has to be paid for in special exceptional cases. So why not work with it? Learn more about Fusion 360 in the article!

Tinkercad Tutorial German

Tinkercad also belongs to Autodesk. In this universe, it is easy to further edit models from Tinkercad in Fusion and make them even more complex.

The browser-based software is very easy to use and is suitable for beginners, children and generally interested people who do not want to deal with a new interface.

Register – Login – Model! The instructions on how to do this will help you.

GCODE commands at a glance

Machines have their own language. You want to communicate better with your 3D printer? Here I list the most important commands for you.

3D Printer Hardware

3D Printing Guide - 3D Printer Hardware

In this area, you'll learn a little more than just theory. These are more general topics that, for example, help you to achieve better print bed adhesion or explain to you the structure of a printing table.

Pertinax as 3D printing substrate / permanent printing plate

A good first layer is one of the most important factors when it comes to completing a successful printing process. If this “foundation” is laid incorrectly, warping can occur, for example, resulting in a misprint in the worst case. To prevent this, you have the option of using different material as a so-called permanent pressure plate. Here you can find a tutorial from the early days of threedom to positively influence the print result with pertinax plates. An inexpensive solution that can be implemented relatively quickly.

3D Printer Hotend

In this article, we will first address the topic of “hotend” and then present a selection of common models. If you are looking for a replacement for your hotend, click on the button below:

Magnetic heating bed

If you want to add a little more comfort to your processes, then a magnetic heating bed is suitable for that. For example, you can remove the print bed after a print and replace it with another one, bypassing the cooling time. The conversion is not quite that difficult. Take a look!

Printing table structure [Gastbeitrag]

This is the first guest post on threedom. It was written by Tobias Dahl and in it he describes how he assembles his printing tables, what he pays attention to and what else is so important. Thanks again Tobi!