Warping in 3D printing – What is it & what helps against it?

Warping is one of the most common problems in 3D printing. It results from the heat generated in the 3D printer and the partial cooling of different areas in a 3D printed model.

These temperature differences create stresses in the object itself, causing it to deform.

The ABS material has a particularly strong tendency to warp. Therefore, the perfect interaction between the pressure, heating bed and ambient temperature is necessary there.

Prevent warping?

The risk can be minimized primarily by using the right pressure settings for the appropriate material.

To improve adhesion to the heating bed, different materials are recommended for pressure surfaces. For example, Pertinax is a cost-effective solution that makes most problems with poor bed adhesion avoidable.

More information about this: Pertinax as 3D printing permanent printing plate

Warping 3D printing error

A frequently occurring 3D printing error is the so-called warping