Jewelry Industry & Jewelers – How is 3D printing used?

Jewelry from the 3D printer, not a utopia and a great opportunity for the jewelry industry
3D printing, its development is more advanced and its technology enables its use in the jewelry industry. A 3D printer can have a helpful impact on the creativity and diversity of the jewelry industry. 3D printing allows local jewelers and jewelry manufacturers to market their personal designs to the entire world.

It can drastically reduce the cost of manufacturing jewelry and developing new jewelry design lines. It can increase the competitiveness of small jewelry manufacturing enterprises and jewelry designers, which can expand their customer base.

3D printing represents an opportunity for the jewelry industry to follow and capitalize on digitization.

How is 3D printing changing jewelry production?

The 3D printer offers the ability to produce unusual designs faster and at a lower cost than previous methods. With it, jewelry design is experiencing the opportunity to use a digital manufacturing process and get closer to the world market.

– With it, jewelry designers no longer have to rely on elaborate processes when making molds.

– With it, they are able to realize their visions as physical objects.

– Customer wishes can be realized faster, more precisely and unique pieces of jewelry can be created.

– It gives them an unparalleled opportunity to create, modify and launch new jewelry collections faster and keep up with big companies on price.

– It gives smaller jewelry manufacturers the opportunity to remain competitive.

– It enables them to pick up on trends more quickly, produce on demand and thus reduce their inventory costs. Furthermore, the costs previously necessary to maintain safety precautions are no longer incurred.

– The jewelry manufacturer no longer has to pre-finance productions abroad and their high costs, as the production of his jewelry can take place locally. This drastically lowers overall costs and allows him to price more competitively.

– 3D printing opens up larger and wider markets that would otherwise remain closed to him.

– The jewelry industry can be the first industry to catapult into the mainstream with the help of 3D printing. The next step of 3D printing is mass production and the jewelry industry gets a unique opportunity to act as a pioneer for other industries.

– It proves to be much more accurate in shaping the result when printing through CAD files. This has a positive effect on complex and and elaborate designs.

– With its help, real jewelry production can take place tied to demand, eliminating overproduction and the high risks associated with it. Demand tied production reduces and also prevents high inventory costs.

How is jewelry created using 3D printing?

3D printing can combine ancient crafts with the latest technologies and make jewelry making easier. Valuable and precisely crafted pieces of jewelry are created from gold, silver or platinum with the help of CAD files.

His magic word is the wax melting process. Printed molds made in this way absorb the molten metal and wonderful jewelry pieces and/or jewelry collections are created. The finish is done by hand and gives the jewelry its special shine.

The waste-producing process of creating molds by hand is eliminated. Producing with the 3D printer leaves no waste, which further reduces the cost of jewelry manufacturing.

Is 3D printing suitable for all types of jewelry?

When making jewelry, it should be noted that a ring, for example, must have a wall thickness of approximately 0.8 to approximately 1.0 millimeters or more.

Personalized jewelry, necklaces, rings and bracelets 3D printing can realize quickly and easily.

With the help of its additive manufacturing, it enables the production and individual design of more complex geometric shapes.


Smiled at a few years ago, 3D printing is now proving to be indispensable for many industries. Its development took new forms in the background and today many materials can be used for printing.

Gold, silver and platinum are no exception to other metals or precious metals and its use to make jewelry can revolutionize the entire jewelry industry.

It can realize much more complex 3D visions and allows jewelry designers to create custom jewelry pieces inexpensively.

They get the chance to keep up with other, large jewelry manufacturers and make their prices competitive.

With it, the jewelry industry gets the opportunity to be the first industry, before all others, to reach the mainstream and use it for itself.

3D printing, its possibilities for the jewelry industry are constantly expanding and are capable of taking the time-honored craft into the new millennium.

Various companies offer to print for them and implement the ideas of jewelry designers.

It is time to use new technologies and move into the new world with the help of 3D printing. Develop new markets and participate more actively in the competition.

Far too many jewelers are losing their livelihoods because their prices are not competitive. That can quickly change with 3D printing, taking jewelry variety to a new level with the help of their innovative jewelry designers.

3D printing, the vitamin B of the jewelry industry, simple, practical, profitable it can open new ways for small, medium and large jewelry manufacturers. It can help the jewelry industry to shine again and accelerate its recovery.