3D Printer Shops

You want to buy a 3D printer, 3D printing filament or 3D printing software and don't know exactly where to buy what? I list all relevant 3D printer stores on this page and give you some tips and tricks on how you can save on shipping costs or which coupon codes they provide for you.

Now I'll show you the list of companies where I myself very often order tools, accessories, materials or even the 3D printers themselves.


A well-known retailer from the Far East is Banggood. In addition to fast and so far also duty-free delivery, Banggood offers a similar assortment as TOMTOP. We mainly shop here for electronics accessories like soldering irons, and we probably also pop in at the right moment when small gadgets like mini drones are on sale. This will be our undoing 😉

You can find my Banggood review here: Banggood experience

Amazon as 3D printer store for you

3D Printer Shop Amazon

Amazon, as the largest online retailer, has of course not fallen on its head and has had offers on 3D printers, 3D printing accessories and materials for quite some time. However, when placing your order, take a closer look at whether the offers from the Marketplace retailers come from China or from Europe. If they come from China and the delivery time seems very long to you, ordering from one of the Chinese retailers (below) might be more financially worthwhile. Compare helps here 🙂

You can either check out some current deals in the post“Amazon Deals: The best 3D printing deals” or directly

Find 3D printer deals on Amazon

Aliexpress – Keep your eyes open and you will get good prices

3D Printer Shop AliExpress

AliExpress is probably the best-known representative of founder Jack Ma's AliBaba Group here in Germany. (Fun Fact: Jack Ma was an English teacher in his life before AliBaba and knew nothing about the Internet). Here companies from China offer their products via AliExpress. There are certainly also black sheep among the providers. However, AliExpress is not slow to respond to any problems that may arise. If you get broken goods or no goods at all, you should complain. In almost all cases, you will be proven right and the dealer will be forced to accommodate you somehow. (Fun Fact II: This is due to the fact that in the first few years after its founding, the image of the black sheep on AliExpress was rolled over in the media and so then the team around Jack Ma had to react – Good for us customers!)

Find 3D Printer Deals at Aliexpress

You can find my detailed review at: AliExpress Experience


In addition to Banggood, other retailers from China have established themselves in recent years and now offer a similarly deep and broad range as Gearbest. This also includes TOMTOP. TOMTOP was founded in 2004 and, by its own admission, spread relatively quickly to platforms such as Alibaba, where it is also a retailer with very good ratings.

We first used TOMTOP in 2018 and have since ordered larger packages such as electric folding bikes. We really liked the fast shipping without customs fees and also the customer service was very helpful when we had problems with the folding bike.

You can find my TOMTOP test here: TOMTOP Experience


The good old Otto mail order company from Hamburg. Unlike Quelle, they have managed the digital transformation (BS bingo ;)) and now also offer 3D printers. As of November 2020, the product range is manageable and includes four printers as well as an offer for filament.

The printers currently on offer are from Dremel as well as Bresser and they all offer a closed build space. Otto is reliable and delivers directly via subsidiary Hermes. Otto's biggest advantage is certainly the installment system, which also gives families with low incomes access to 3D printers.

geekbuying – The better Gearbest

geekbuying wasn't on my radar for a long time, but over time I noticed the ever-improving 3D printing offerings, so I ordered some filament as a test. Delivery and also a support request were handled quickly and in the meantime I see geekbuying ahead of Gearbest, although that is currently not that hard, which I unfortunately have to admit.

You can find my detailed investigation about geekbuying under: geekbuying experiences

Gearbest offers among other things 3D printers – For bargain hunters and those who are patient

You've probably “run into” Gearbest more than once. I often order my 3D printers there and also other gadgets like the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, which you must have seen somewhere. You should be patient and expect 14 days delivery time. But if you want to take a look at where your packages are staying, Gearbest itself doesn't offer the best sources for tracking. You can take a look at the Gearbest tracking page and use the linked pages to get more information.

Update 2022: I can no longer recommend Gearbest and will remove all links to the store over time. On the one hand, I have not received ordered goods, on the other hand, vouchers were then also cancelled at some point for the reason, because they took too long with the deliveries. A possibility to reactivate it does not exist until today. Thither the birthday gifts of my friends in voucher form. And: As an affiliate I did not receive my commission either. So, better to avoid.