DesignSpark Mechanical: definition, functionality and scope

DesignSpark Mechanical is a CAD software that has enjoyed great popularity for many years. This was originally launched in 2013. Even some ten years later, however, stable releases and updates are still being carried out. Below we'll show you how to use DesignSpark Mechanical for 3D printing and what you need to know.

The most important facts in brief:

  • DesignSpark Mechanical was initially launched in 2013
  • Behind the CAD software are Ansys Inc. and RS Components
  • The use of the application is possible free of charge
  • Rapid Protoyping lets you edit your 3D objects like clay
  • You can only use the program with a Windows PC.

DesignSpark Mechanical: Definition: Functionality and Scope

DesignSpark Mechanical is offered as a modeling program and is thus used, among other things, in the development of prototypes. In 2013, the CAD application was initially launched. The companies behind the development are RS Components and Ansys, Inc. Together with other programs, such as DesignSpark Mechanical Drawing, users can design complex construction plans in the same framework.

Use of DesignSpark Mechanical in the 3D printing process

In the 3D printing process, DesignSpark Mechanical is a popular software. This offers the so-called rapid prototyping, which allows you to quickly create 3D objects. You can shape the objects as you like, like a virtual clay, and thus change them, for example, by filling, dragging or moving them. An intuitive set of tools is available for the individual adjustments.

File formats in DesignSpark Mechanical

  • TXT
  • JPG
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • STL
  • OBJ
  • 3D PDF

DesignSpark Mechanical: costs, trial version and operating systems

DesignSpark Mechanical was developed primarily for smaller studios and companies that cannot afford better-known and more expensive solutions. So good news for you as a private user, too.

Cost & trial version

There is no trial version of DesignSpark Mechanical. However, this is not necessary, because you can use the full version of the application for free.

Supported operating systems

DesignSpark Mechanical supports only the Windows operating system. So with a device running Linux or macOS, you'll have to resort to an alternative.

Advantages and disadvantages of DesignSpark Mechanical in 3D printing

We'll show you the pros and cons associated with DesignSpark Mechanical in 3D printing here.


  • Free use of CAD software
  • Library with over 75,000 templates
  • More than 25 languages supported
  • Direct modeling approach enables unlimited design customizations
  • Simple modeling using rapid prototyping


  • Exclusively available for Windows


If you are looking for a simple, free and effective modeling software, DesignSpark Mechanical is just the right solution. The only requirement: you use the Windows operating system. If so, you can design any 3D objects with this royalty-free solution. Thanks to the intuitive design, you won't have any major problems even if you're a beginner.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions & answers about DesignSpark Mechanical

DesignSpark Mechanical is definitely suitable for beginners. You have many intuitive tools at your disposal, plus modeling 3D objects is made very easy. Moreover, you don't have to worry about any costs for using it.

With DesignSpark Mechanical you can create any objects and bodies. Thanks to rapid prototyping, this is very intuitive, so you can easily design appealing objects for 3D printing.

You can learn DesignSpark Mechanical quickly. The software is simply designed and offers a clear user interface.