Sculptris: definition, functionality and scope

In the beginning was the bullet. Sculptris is a modeling program that allows you to model clay virtually. You always start with a simple clay ball, which you can shape and change as you like. We have taken a closer look at the free CAD program for you. You can discover all the pros and cons below.

The most important facts in brief:

  • Sculptris is a free 3D software introduced in 2009
  • The program is compatible with Windows and macOS
  • You can edit a virtual clay lump in Sculptris to create your own 3D objects
  • You can export your projects as OBJ or suitable for ZBrush
  • Sculptris is well suited for beginners in 3D modeling due to its simple user interface.

Sculptris: definition, functionality and scope

Sculptris is a virtual sculpting program that was launched in 2009. The program is provided as a fairly simple application, the basis of which is always a malleable lump of clay.

Use of Sculptris in the 3D printing process

You can use Sculptris to create various objects and shapes from a virtual lump of clay. You can change this by dragging, pushing and similar adjustments. At the same time, you can also color your objects through different textures or upload images from your hard drive to combine certain effects.

Sculptris file formats

  • OBJ
  • ZBrush

Sculptris: costs, trial version and operating systems

We have also dealt with the possible costs, a trial version and compatible operating systems.

Cost & trial version

The good news is that Sculptris is a free application. You don't have to worry about any fees for using it. Accordingly, it is not necessary to install a trial version.

Supported operating systems

Sculptris supports Windows and macOS operating systems. Only with Linux the application is not compatible.

Advantages and disadvantages of Sculptris in 3D printing

We have listed all the advantages and disadvantages of Sculptris for you below:


  • Free use
  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS


  • Only OBJ format and ZBrush supported
  • Limited modeling capabilities


Sculptris is not comparable in capabilities to state-of-the-art sculping software for industry. Nevertheless, it is a modeling program well suited for private use. You can shape numerous objects from a virtual lump of clay and even add small effects to them. Since there is no cost to use, you can easily get started with Sculptris even if you are a beginner.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions & answers about Sculptris

Sculptris is definitely suitable for beginners. It is a user-friendly software that is designed very intuitively and offers only a limited range of functions.

Sculptris is based on a virtual lump of clay that can be shaped in any way. In addition, it is possible to color your own objects or add minor effects to them.

Most users learn Sculptris within a short time. The program is designed to be very user-friendly and provides intuitive tools for editing. A long start-up time is thus not necessary.