Cookie cutter from 3D printer

Are you a cookie monster too? Then it doesn't matter for when you need cookie cutters, because you always need them anyway. Here is a list of cookie cutters 3D printer template that will not only sweeten the Advent season.

Gingerbread man cookie cutter

image source: oogime/

In the introduction he writes something about “not only the Advent season” and it comes directly what for exactly the time?

Haha, I must have made fun of you a bit, huh? But what could be more classic than a gingerbread man as the face of the cookie cutter? This one was created by designer OogiMe and now these 3D printable cookie cutters have been around for over 7 years.

Snowman cookie cutter

image source: oogime/

OogiMe has published over 40 designs in total on thingiverse. The cookie cutters usually fit well together and so you can print a whole collection relatively easily and quickly.

Batman logo cookie cutter

image source: buhi/

“I'm Batman!”

No. Unfortunately, I'm not really, but as a 3D printing fan, I can at least pretend to be. You can do the same with this logo cookie cutter from designer buhi.

Superman logo cookie cutter

image source: protonik/

If you're not into #teambatman, maybe #teamsuperman is for you? Or is it?

Protonik created this quick-to-print cookie cutter for us. We bow down and bite into it with pleasure!

Spongebob 3D Printing Cookie Cutter

image source: protonik/

To use this cookie cutter, you need to print it out first.

30 minutes later (with French accent)

Enjoy your homemade cookies with our favorite sponge skull – Spongebob. Protonik seems to have last published anything as a designer 6 years ago, but if you like his models, still support him on thingiverse with “Tip Designer”.

Cookie cutter for math fans (pi, integrals and more…)

It probably doesn't get any nerdier than that. These math symbols and elements you can print out and for the next math student's WG party is saved.

Lama Cookie Cutter

Along with alpacas, llamas are among the most popular animals from Latam. If you have children, you can't get past these cuddly little animals anyway. After being spit on by an alpaca at an alpaca farm, I think llamas are much nicer.

Mexican skull as a cookie?

Mexicans mourn differently than we do, and at least since Disney's Coco, everyone knows it: the Day of the Dead is anything but a day to mope around. Here you have the option to print one of the distinctive skulls as a cookie cutter and create beautiful cookies accordingly. (About the Day of the Dead: Wikipedia)

Husky cookie cutter

Should you read the article in winter, I'm sure you also feel that there are no better dogs associated with this season. You can print the cute cookie cutters for yourself, your kids, or an actual husky fan or owner. Surely you will be rewarded with delicious cookies. If not, you just bake yourself some 🙂


Just to fulfill a stereotype, being more of a Jack Russell Terrier lover myself, and having been a master. Are you celebrating Oktoberfest in the garden or do you want to do something good for the shooting club in your town, then you will soon be an honorary member with these dachshund-shaped cookie cutters.

Snowflake cookie cutter

Well, with climate change, I guess we'll have to get used to looking at snow only on a screen. I used to love sliding down a small slope with an old bag under my bottom when I was a kid. As a tribute to those times and in preparation for Advent, these cookie cutters are super.