The best chocolate 3D printer 2024

Chocolate 3D printers are impressive and delicious at the same time. From liquefied chocolate, tasty creations are produced here in a simple way, which can be designed entirely according to your own preferences. Below, we'll show you which chocolate 3D printers are recommended and what you need to know about this particular form of printing.

The most important in a nutshell

  • With a chocolate 3D printer you can create impressive and delicious works of art
  • Depending on the device, you can choose between different types of chocolate such as classic milk chocolate, colored chocolate or marzipan.
  • When choosing the best device, you should pay attention to various criteria such as the installation space, your budget, the speed of printing or the special features

The best chocolate 3D printer

So far, the selection of chocolate 3D printers on the market is still manageable. But the good news is that both newcomers and those looking for a professional device can find what they are looking for. The best chocolate 3D printers can be found here in our overview.

PlaceNameManufacturerInstallation spaceChocolate typesSpecial featuresto the shop*
1Procusini 5.0Procusini150 x 250 x 100mmChoco Dark, Pink, White, Marzipan, BlueOver 1,000 objects in the template library, large build space, free access to the Procusini Club, consistently high print speed Click
2mycusini 2.0mycusini90 x 90 x 46 mmDark, White, Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Dark Vegan, Choco MilkTemplate library with over 1,000 objects, integrated lighting, free access to the mycusini Club Click

The best professional 3D printer for chocolate fans: Procusini

The best professional 3D printer for chocolate fans in our eyes is the Procusini. The device can convince with a large printing range and a fast processing of 50mm/s. This means that this chocolate printer can cope with high loads and also offers a choice of different types of chocolate.

The Procusini 5.0 Professional Chocolate 3D Printer

General info:

  • Name: Procusini 5.0
  • Manufacturer: Procusini
  • Printing area: 150 x 250 x 100mm
  • Chocolate types: Choco Dark, Pink, White, Marzipan, Blue
  • Special features: Over 1,000 objects in the template library, large build space, free access to Procusini Club, consistently high print speed.
  • Advantages: High printing speed, ideally suited for professional kitchens, large installation space.
  • Disadvantages: High price

The best chocolate 3D printer for home: mycusini 2.0

A compact solution for your own four walls is the mycusini 2.0. It is easy to use and offers access to an extensive template library with over 1,000 objects. In addition, the device, which weighs only about four kilograms, is characterized by easy cleaning. Here, too, you can choose from a wide variety of chocolate types, but you have to accept a somewhat smaller installation space compared to the professional device.

Suitable for the semi-professional user and for home use: The mycusini 2.0

General info:

  • Name: mycusini 2.0
  • Manufacturer: mycusini
  • Printing area: 90 x 90 x 46mm
  • Chocolate types: Dark, White, Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Dark Vegan, Choco Milk
  • Special features: Template library with over 1,000 objects, integrated lighting, free access to mycusini Club.
  • Advantages: Simple operation, easy handling and cleaning, optimal for household use
  • Disadvantages: Small installation space

What is a chocolate 3D printer?

A chocolate 3D printer is a special form of 3D printer. Instead of using plastic to make creations as usual, these devices use chocolate. This is first liquefied and then shaped into the desired form for hardening. The chocolate printers can be used to create numerous different objects in various colors and shapes.

How does chocolate 3D printing work?

In principle, 3D printing of chocolate works in a similar way to fused deposition modeling (FDM). In this case, a filament is used as the starting material, i.e. a plastic wire. This is pushed through an extruder into the so-called hotend and melted. The chocolate is also first melted for the production of the prints and then solidified for printing. Important for FDM prints and chocolate prints alike: The first layer must adhere perfectly. For this, it is important that there is a sufficient amount of chocolate in the cartridge of your printer and that it can flow permanently.

Selection criteria for chocolate 3D printer

Several criteria play a role in selecting the right chocolate 3D printer. In the following, we show you what you should pay attention to and when which aspect is important.

Installation space and speed

Installation space and speed are definitely of interest to all customers, although professional users in particular will of course have to take a close look here. The installation space should be large enough to allow your creative thoughts all the freedom. So that you don't have to wait too long for your artwork, you should also make sure that the building speed is sufficiently high.

Chocolate types

Especially in the long run, it might get a little boring to only resort to the “classic” chocolate for your creations. Depending on what you want to implement, you can use other types of chocolate for flavor and visual highlights. With mycusini or Procusini you can choose between different types of chocolate. Optimal to really let off steam.


The budget is of course a decisive factor in choosing the right 3D printer. Appliances for use in your own kitchen do not have to cost a fortune and are usually available from a few hundred euros. If you want to use the printer in a professional kitchen, you have to expect costs between 3,000 and 5,000 euros.

Special features

Individual chocolate 3D printers are usually equipped with individual features. This includes, among other things, exposures or access to libraries with print samples and the like. In addition, you should check how large the respective chocolate cartridge is and whether it is sufficient for your needs.

Possible types of chocolate in 3D printing

When it comes to 3D printing, you are by no means limited to the classic dark chocolate. To create particularly creative objects, you can resort to several other ways. Included are, for example, green or pink chocolate. But white chocolate and even marzipan can also be used in the printer.

Can 3D printers for chocolate also be used in professional kitchens?

Chocolate 3D printers also find a good place in professional kitchens. However, it is important to note that not every device is equally suitable for this application. Professional kitchens are usually under enormous time pressure, so printing speed is particularly important. However, devices such as the Procusini offer sufficient speed here with up to 50 mm/s. In addition, the printing processes should be able to be started with as few settings as possible and then run autonomously without errors. This leaves enough time to do a few other things on the side.

Who are chocolate 3D printers suitable for?

Chocolate 3D printers are equally interesting for many people. On the one hand, the professional equipment can be used in professional kitchens and thus provide real eye-catchers on the plates in a café, for example. But also in private home use, the smaller devices are a great addition that promise a delicious change at birthdays and holidays or simply in between.

Conclusion: Marvel and enjoy

With a chocolate 3D printer you can always provide a breath of fresh air on the plate. The machines print fine treats with impressive precision that are guaranteed to leave any visitor in awe. Best of all, you don't have to open your wallet too wide for a household appliance. But you can also set your sights a little higher and invest in a real professional device. With one of these, you'll print at a much higher speed, but you should also free up a little more space in your kitchen.

Frequently asked questions about chocolate 3D printers

Feel free to send me questions about chocolate 3D printers and I'll answer them here for everyone.

Own mixtures are only possible to a limited extent with the 3D printer. The chocolate must be in a suitable form for this, depending on the device, but can be partially mixed in the respective cartridge of the printer.

Of course, it is not possible to make a blanket statement about the cost of chocolate 3D printer refill material. These vary from provider to provider. As a rule of thumb, however, the price for 100g of refill material is around four to five euros.

The prices for chocolate 3D printers vary individually from device to device and depend above all on the desired area of application. Devices for domestic use are available for around 500 to 600 euros. Professional devices tend to be in the range between 3,000 and 5,000 euros.

When purchasing a mycusini, buyers automatically become members of the mycusini club. This offers access to your own 3D files, the template library with over 1,000 templates, various characters or updates directly via the printer. In addition, it is possible to implement your own drawings freehand and have them printed.